App of the Week: Tnerit

An online marketplace for borrowing and lending secondhand goods in Dubai Have you ever caught yourself window shopping at a mall, pining over things you can’t afford? Or perhaps you blew your budget on a shiny new gadget, only to find out it wasn’t really worth the money? Maybe you’ve got some BBQ equipment languishing
How On-demand  Apps Help the Middle Eastern Market 1)Nothing could possibly be more convenient In gamer speak, the convenience attribute is beyond maxed out. Do you remember the last time you tried to hail a cab during a late afternoon rush hour on a weekday in the streets of Dubai? Either you lose your patience

5 Free Things To Enjoy in Dubai

Known for luxury and grandeur, Dubai houses the best the world has to offer. A secret though, Dubai is a place for both high rollers and frugal spenders. Every week, people of Dubai enjoy activities and events are made for entertainment, leisure and relaxation for everyone. Here we share the top five free things you
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Over the next five years technology has the “ability to change the marketplace,” with three major trends: convergent technology redefining what’s possible in healthcare, the invasion of consumer technology and the big question of whether the consumer will use it. No one wins unless the consumer wins. During their 2016 Health Predictions Webinar this week,
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