Engagement Models

Cygnet Infotech offers a wide range of nearshore and offshore development services, and our well-defined engagement models ensure that we can maximize the benefits of outsourcing, whether you are an ISV, SME or a large enterprise. Before taking up a project, we take sufficient time to understand its business needs, manpower requirements, duration, volatility and complexities. After discussing and analyzing these aspects, we suggest you a proper engagement model most suitable for your project. Our flexible engagement models ensure that you access the highest quality at optimum costs, irrespective of the size of your project and the type of your requirements.

Fixed Time & Cost Estimate

We offer this model to customers when the scope and specification of the project is clear and has defined needs and timelines. On the basis of a requirements document provided by the client, we work to achieve the specified goals. First, the milestones are set and the payment is fixed. The price for the entire project is agreed upon and payments are made as milestones are met. If your requirements are clear and set, you can choose this model and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.

Time & Material

When the specification and scope of the project is not determined and involves constant variations, we usually offer Time & Material model which allows clients to alter team size, project timelines and resources of the ongoing project as per market trends. Since projects tend to evolve during their development cycle necessitating additional or lesser resources, the project in this model is billed on hourly and monthly basis depending on the resource utilized in the project.

Offshore Development Center

We help you set up a development center in Cygnet by handpicking a team of full-time, dedicated and expert developers. The team is assembled according to your needs it functions as an extension of your team, completely in line with your business and development goals. You have complete control over the team, and we set up infrastructure and take extra security measures according to the client’s specifications.

Hub & Spoke

Cygnet acts as a Hub – a central point of contact integrating various Spokes (development centers and departments) – to deliver efficient and optimized solutions to clients distributed across multiple locations. Through this model, we ensure client's project is decentralized at effective places and divided among various spokes to engender quick turnaround, lesser time and cost spending and better responsibility. This model allows us to offer in-house, onshore quality using off shore resources, at competitive rates.

Software Creation & IP Rights Transfer

Cygnet develops application, products or software components for clients and transfers the complete ownership and IP rights to the clients. After the IP rights are transferred to the client, the components are owned by the client and can be integrated or implemented in a master product or software. The client benefits by rebranding or utilizing our solutions in local geography, without overstepping any regulations.


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Engagement Models